When I'm Gone Lists

One of the hardest aspects of my professional life during the pandemic was receiving the phone calls from family, telling me that a client had died.  It has always been the one aspect of my job which I found the most difficult, and yet it was also the time when I also released that the job I was engaged to do, had been executed well.

But for those who are left behind, there then becomes the issue of trying to track documentation down, and piecing together the individuals finances and assets to be able to progress the legal transference to the beneficiaries.

If you are one of our clients you will know that I always encourage the creation, and the execution of a will, and also established Lasting Powers of Attorney.  The legal frameworks these documents create is essential at a time when, often suddenly, you can be called in to help.  Over the last couple of years we have been encouraging client to go further, to prepare a ‘When I’m gone list’ which provides detail of where certain documents can be found, names of people you want to be contacted, and even if your preference is to cremated or buried.

The onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic brought this even more to the forefront, and whilst talking about death is never pleasant, using these documents is a simple way to record your wishes, and have the detail in one place.

Detailed below, and two links, one where you can down load the document on line, the second where you can send off for the Age UK Lifebook brochure.



Talking about dying is never easy; but ensuring that your wishes are followed, and framed within a document that could be left alongside your will, assist those that you have left behind, can feel very rewarding.

Please consider completing one of the Lifebook lists.