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Inheritance and Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning

Much can be achieved by careful planning and drafting of Wills, and the ability to transfer the unused portion of a nil rate band between spouses or civil partners. This has greatly improved the Inheritance Tax position for many people. However, for those with larger estates, alternative planning solutions are still required and we are experienced in advising on some less widely known opportunities to reduce the impact of IHT.

We will assess how we can minimise your tax liability whilst maximising what you are able to pass on to your loved ones.


8 Step Financial Planning Guide

Estate Protection

We see Life Assurance as a last resort, but its use in conjunction with the right Trust arrangements can be a powerful planning tool in preserving hard-earned assets for the next generation for a fraction of the cost of the IHT bill. We have access to many years’ experience in advising on the most suitable type of policies to provide you with the reassurance that the provisions you take out will perform the task that youwant it to.

Advice To Trustees

The Trustee Act 2000 imposes specific duties on Trustees. These include the implementation of a standard investment criteria, regular revision of the suitability of the chosen investment strategy, and commensurately, estate planning requires the need for diversification through differing types of investments held. We offer access to advice to Trustees on the suitability of different asset classes and investment risk as well as on the most tax-efficient investment products, to meet the Trust’s objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch my investments over to Banner Jones if I’m not happy with my current adviser?

Yes, after an initial meeting we will be able to assess how we can help you, and outline what, if any charges we would need to levy to look after your financial planning needs.  We would then help you to transfer over your plans.

How often do you check and review my investments?

This depends on how you wish to engage us.  Most of our clients wish to benefit an annual review, where others wish us to establish the transaction, and then come back to us when/if they choose they need further assistance.  This will be discussed at the initial discovery meeting and confirmed in the client engagement letter and the suitability report.

I am due to retire next year and don’t have a financial plan in place, is it too late?

It is never too late – make an appointment we would be delighted to help you.

If I invest all of my funds I am able to access them should I ever need to?

This depends on the type of investment you put the money into – it is important to set aside a level of emergency fund, say 3 to 6 month income on deposit, and then consider a manner to vest additional monies which take account of your financial needs.  Part of the initial fact finding processes are to assess which styles of invests are appropriate to your needs.

I have a few different pension plans, I’ve heard they can be combined, is that right?

In some circumstances that maybe the correct option, but before a decision is made a full review would need to be undertaken.  This review would amongst other things look at the type of pension it is, you’re financial planning objectives, the death benefit requirements, charges and your attitude to risk/ability for loss.  Only when this review had been undertaken would any recommendations be made to you in writing.

I’m going through a divorce and am worried about my pension, is this something you can help with?

Yes, we are able to offer you support and advice, and provide backing to your solicitor on you gaining the right outcome.  There are several option available to you, and all these will be explained.  It is important to not only consider what is relevant today, but also into your retirement.  Just a thought, don’t forget your State Pension when looking at this aspect, you can get a forecast here

I’m not sure how I feel about risk, can you help me decide?

This is one of the most important aspects of financial planning.   We will assist you in determining your appropriate attitude to risk, and as important your ability for loss.  For example you may wish to have a higher risk tolerance for regular contributions to take account of ‘pound cost averaging’, and/or phase lump sums out of higher risk funds coming up to retirement.

I own a business; can you look after my business investments as well as my personal ones?

We provide a generic advice service, with most of our clients asking us to look after all their financial affairs.  This means that we can oversee all aspects of the planning.

I’ve accumulated various investments and pensions over the years. How can I be sure they are all tax efficient?

There are many taxes, for example income tax, capital gains tac, corporation tax, inheritance tax etc.  Investment tax wrappers work in different ways, and it is important to establish a linked up investment structures which work together to establish the outcome you need from your financial plan.  We will review these for you, and at the same time make sure that the charges are the most competitive you can access and that the funds you are investing into are appropriate to your attitude to risk and ability for loss.

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