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Family Wills Bundle


They are your typical Mansfield family, each with assets, debts, pets and intentions of where they would like their possessions to go in the event of something happening. Find out more about each below:


66 years old and married to Joe. Fit and healthy, member of Ramblers association. She has 3 cats and prizes her jewellery passed down from her mother before she died. She wants to make sure the cats are looked after the jewellery is inherited to her daughter. Co-owns a house and her own car.


68 years old. Married to Katherine. Avid golfer and real ale connoisseur. Retired but owns a share in his son’s pub. He wants to make sure his share of the business is given back to his son. Co-owns a house and his own car. Retirement fund with wife.


37 years old. Has a mortgage out on his house, tied up with his business (pub), part owned by his father. Married for 2.5 years. Owns a trusty retriever who comes to work at the pub every day. Alex and his wife are still paying off their wedding in monthly instalments.


32 years old. A horse rider who has 2 personal horses and works in media. She is a parent with a 4 year old daughter from a previous relationship. Sophie owns a 4x4 and her and her partner have a mortgage on their house. They are presently engaged to be married.

Scenario points

  • If something unthinkable were to happen to any family members, there would be uncertainty about where each person’s estate would go. If you do not have a Will, there are some hard and fast rules about what goes where in the event of your death, so having a Will is the best way to ensure that you remain in control.
  • Katherine wants to make sure Sophie gets her valuable jewellery, and that her cats, as well as a sizeable donation of money, goes to her local cat rescue centre (in the event that Joe in unable to take care of them). She and Joe would also like to divide their savings up between Sophie and Alex, ensuring an equal measure of worth between the two when the value of their house is taken into account.
  • One of Joe’s concerns is making sure his share of his son’s business, as silent partner, is attributed back to him.
  • Both Alex and Sophie have pets to take into consideration, as well as considerable assets in the form of property, land and business. Alex wants to make sure his business goes to his wife in the event of anything happening to him, so that she is able to continue to pay their mortgage and their wedding debt.
  • Sophie would like to ensure her pension is directed to her daughter.

The question is not whether each family member should have a Will. But, since they are a family with plans to share their assets with other family members, surely there is an easier way than paying for four separate Wills? At Banner Jones, our specialist Wills solicitors are offering a reduced price family Wills bundle. We’re offering 3 Mirror Wills (Mirror Wills are for couples) for the price of 2! This means you’ll get one Mirror Will absolutely FREE and everyone will have peace of mind that they are covered by the Will. This means the Jones family can pop into one of our offices to see our Wills solicitors in Mansfield, and ensure their futures are protected.

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